How to Create a Customer Portal In Stripe

The Stripe Customer Portal is an area for your customers to manage their current subscriptions. This is a key part of running your online store and making Paycord work as it should

Stripe Customer Portal

Without setting up your Stripe Customer Portal a blank screen can occur when you or a customer tries to access their current subscription(s) through the Stripe Portal button.

A common error that will happen without setting up your Customer Portal

Fear not, this can be fixed with a couple of clicks.

Navigate to your settings in your Stripe dashboard and find "Customer Portal"

The settings found in the Stripe Dashboard
Stripe Settings

Inside the Customer Portal

At the top of the page, you'll have full customization of your branding settings. These will be used for the portal page and invoices/receipts. This step is not required

These settings are totally optional and depend on your preferences.

When you scroll down you'll see a section to add products. This does not correlate with your Paycord store, add any one product to simply get around this step.

Enter your URLs accordingly. Stripe will not check the URL so it could be Google if you need a placeholder. We do recommend having the proper pages set up to protect your community.

If you don't have a website but want your community protected with a T0S and Privacy Policy - open and ticket and we can create/host those pages for you.

Rember to hit save and you're all set!

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