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1. Adding Paycord to Your Server

adding Paycord.gif
  • On the top left corner, select the server you want to add Paycord to with the drop-down menu.

  • Make sure you're under "register server" and hit "register".

  • Follow the Oauth2 Discord authorization.

Paycord success.PNG

TIP: You check if Paycord has been added to your server by looking at the welcome channel or your member list.

2. Setting Permissions for Paycord

  • Navigate to your settings, then roles.

  • Drag Paycord above any roles you want it to manage.


3. Linking Stripe to Paycord

Linking Stripe.gif
  • Navigate to "Connect Stripe".

  • This will prompt you to either sign up or log in to your Stripe account.

  • At this point, you should have your products made and ready to bind.

  • You should also have your Customer Portal setup

4. Binding your Products to Roles

binding product.gif
  • Navigate to "Bind Role to Product".

  • The first menu will include all your products from Stripe and the second menu will show all of your Discord roles. Sel

  • ect the product you want to bind to your role and hit "bind subscription".

  • If you are unsure of how to create a subscription in Stripe, click here.

5. Generating Store Link

  • Navigate to "create store link"

  • Depending on what version of Paycord you have, you may see two links. Copy the second link and paste it in your Discord, website, or any social media.


Issue: White Screen on Checkout

Stripe Portal Error.gif
Stripe Portal.jpg
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