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#1 Discord Payment Processing System

Paycord Processes Payments

Turn your Discord community into a stream of income by monetizing your server with Paycord. Built using Stripe, Paycord offers a secure and safe solution at an extremely affordable price. 



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Why Paycord?

Paycord Manages Roles

Role Management

Paycord manages your subscribers and adds or removes their roles based on the completion of payment. 

Paycord is Cost Effective


Paycord was created to offer the lowest possible rates. We believe the money you earn, should be kept by you. 

Calculate your savings here!

Paycord is Easy to Setup

Easy to Setup

Paycord was made to be as simple as possible. If your managing one or one hundred servers Paycord simple interface makes it incredible easy and efficent to manage your servers.


Paycord creates secure transactions with Stripe


Paycord is here to work for you at the cheapest price possible! Check out our savings calculator to see how much you will be saving when you switch to Paycord.

Monetize with Paycord
  • 1% Transaction Fee

  • Free Transfers

  • No Upfront Costs



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